El Capitan gold / silver

180 €
Housing: 36 mm, 316 L stainless steel
Glass: sapphire crystal
Volume impetus: 20 mm spring bar
Bracelet: Polyurethane | 316 L stainless steel
Clockwork: Custom digital module, 2nd time zone, date display,
Stopwatch, laps, time zone alarm and timer
Production: Made in Germany

Set the sails. The El Capitan won't let you down.

Sand underfoot. Campfire on the beach. Sunrise in the water. Never alone. Always together.
We are at home outside. Always and everywhere.


Be enthusiastic about what you do and test your own limits. We know what we're talking about. Our wristwatches are designed and built according to exactly this credo. At this point you can be sure that you are at the right address at ALLAY. The El Capitan is our digital timepiece by idealists for idealists.


Digital timepieces have always stood out from the crowd because of their functionality. You like it edgy, you like an independent design language and you like to swim against the current. Do you feel addressed? Welcome to ALLAY!


Everything you do today matters. It's about the moment, the one moment that you will remember forever. It's about the things you want to remember that you want others to remember.
Create the moment. Shape your happiness.
You decide if you jump or if you fall ...