The challenge when designing a wristwatch is, on the one hand, the scale itself, since a change in the range of 0,01 mm has a significant impact on the general appearance of the watch. On the other hand, I always work through several problems with my drafts. Housing diameter and distance between web and web must be coordinated. The case height is inevitably a result of the waterproofness and the materials used. I always design in a cut to make use of the dependencies of the individual components.

Aljosha Schäck / Founder & Creative Director


For us, ALLAY is more than just a company or a brand. For us, ALLAY means thinking creatively and actively living anew every day. We take things as they come and if someone bears their head in the sand, we are just there for them. We are normal people with our minds full of imagination. We are still happy today to see our watches on your wrists.

We thank you for that.


As a constant companion, ALLAY timepieces are characterized by authentic functionality and clear design language
- honest, simple and with high quality down to the smallest detail. Time decides about permanent longing or actual experience.
Because every second counts and won't come back. With #notgiveafuck ALLAY gets to the point.


Children of the 90s are most likely to meet. We have nothing against round timepieces, but our first watch should stand out clearly from the design and thus also carry our message. We like edgy, we like an independent design language and we like to swim against the current. Do you feel addressed? Welcome to ALLAY!


Digital timepieces have always stood out from the crowd because of their functionality. In 2016 it was time to take the digital watch to a new level. For this we had a custom movement made according to our requirements and the whole thing packed in a high-quality stainless steel case. Right from the start, we made sure that the El Capitan had the necessary functions. Looking good is one thing, functionality is another. 
The El Capitan was ready!


Back to basic. In the last few years, wristwatches have become bigger and bigger. Since we are not friends of pomp and show, we have orientated ourselves on the classics of the 60s.

The Terra Incognita Mark I comes with a 36 mm case and is not thick. At the same time, this size has the advantage that the watch sits comfortably on pretty much every wrist and does not bother you. Already our classic!


MIYOTA 2035 quartz movement.
3 years battery life, accuracy +/- 15 seconds per month and on the market for years. One of the most popular quartz movements and that's why we use this movement.

A quartz watch does not work with kinetic energy, but is powered by a battery. We only use Japanese batteries with a service life of 36 months. Since a quartz movement is much cheaper to produce, but can certainly keep up with an automatic movement in terms of quality, we have decided to offer the Terra Incognita Mark I as a quartz version as a first step. 


36mm unisex. 100m waterproof. Screw-down crown. Sapphire crystal.




Sapphire crystal has a decisive advantage over crystal glass. It's a lot harder. Sapphire glass is manufactured using the elaborate Verneuile process and its crystal structure makes it particularly resistant. The unbreakable and scratch-resistant sapphire glass we use is also anti-reflective on one side in a further step so that there are no reflections on the dial.


We only use 316L stainless steel for our wristwatches. The low carbon content makes it acid and corrosion resistant. This stainless steel also has the necessary hardness so that our wristwatches are protected against all possible environmental influences.


From a classification of 5 bar / 50m, a watch is considered waterproof. After all, that's enough for a shower.
From the 10 bar / 100 m classification, a watch can be used without hesitation when swimming, snorkeling and of course also for surfing.
From the 20 bar / 200 m classification, a watch can be used for device-free freediving.

Our wristwatches are all waterproof up to 10 bar / 100 m. That means actually waterproof. That is our claim.