When it comes to this young man, we can think of nothing except a huge hymn of praise. Heartfelt person and supporter from the very beginning. Has the world's largest collection of socks, can't be put in a drawer, just a cool dude!

We thank Digger that you exist! 


ALLAY Worldwide! This Venezuelan guy has some serious skills on his longboard. Also like to play with gasoline. When it comes to hangtime, you better check him out. Packed with a lot of passion, we hope to have you in Berlin soon to check out your talents on our playground!

@surf teacher_klaus

If you are planning a vacation in Sri Lanka soon, keep an eye out for our surf instructor. Is a dude doing a pistol squat on the wave? That can only be one. This young man goes into the water with ALLAY. When it's flat again, it rolls through the neighborhood. The friendly surf instructor next door.  


Coming to America! This guy is far from being a newbie to the skate scene. Radio Dj who seems to like empty pools a lot and on the ball, all the time! We are looking forward to watching you shred it down in Florida!

here is space for you ...

If you would like to be part of the ALLAY family, just write to us. We are constantly expanding our team and are simply in the mood for creative people who love what they do.

this is your space ...

If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to send us a message. We are always on the search for new talents, who love what they are doing! Stay awesome!



Raised in Bremen but will never grow up! Drink sparkling wine like other people drink water. Best time to get warm with her? Late afternoon!!! Likes to wear her hair straight outa bed. Stumbles all the time, but has solid bone structure. Mina is Head of Social Media at ALLAY! Yup, now you know who is hammering the color gradients around your tired eyes. Also sleeps with the boss! 


BOSS! :-) Is the chief of the crew. Loves long walks on the beach and drinks champagne only lukewarm. Feels most comfortable when he can jump off somewhere. Bones are there to be broken, you only live forever. Tries to get a smile out of everyone and everything, sometimes annoying hard! All in all a cheerful person with a tendency to madness. Snow is also kind of water. Smile is the answer!

The backers

The only two "normal" ones in the company. They both have real jobs, no shit! Therefore, they have to remain undetected. Both multiply like rabbits and when it comes to board sports, the first thing that comes to mind is ironing. Therefore, the two are responsible for the operational stuff. Both like Excel !!! Without her we would never have come this far! Have written the text independently. 


36mm unisex. 100m waterproof. Screw-down crown. Sapphire crystal.