Made in Germany. 316L stainless steel. Sapphire crystal. 100m waterproof.

And all at a fair price. These are the requirements for our wristwatches. We paid attention to every little detail.
From design to production, we want to meet our and above all your requirements.


From the conception through the first design studies to production and assembly. The El Capitan is manufactured in Germany and then subjected to a multi-level quality control. This is how we ensure that every wristwatch leaves our dispatch warehouse, thoroughly checked. 


We only use 316L stainless steel for our wristwatches. The low carbon content makes it acid and corrosion resistant. This stainless steel also has the necessary hardness so that our wristwatches are protected against all possible environmental influences.


Sapphire glass has a decisive advantage over crystal glass. It's a lot harder. Sapphire crystal is manufactured using the elaborate Verneuile process and its crystal structure makes it particularly resistant. The break-proof and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that we use is also coated on one side in a further step so that there are no reflections on the dial. 


Constructed for the highest demands. Built for people who push their limits. Only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques are used for the El Capitan. You can rely on the El Capitan even in the most adverse circumstances. That is the claim. This is our promise to you.